December 2022/January 2023 Picture Perfect

“It was such a pleasure to watch a child enjoy one of life’s simplest  pleasures. In today’s world, there are so many things that keep kids indoors and it’s fun to watch them enjoy something that brought my generation so much joy. Just enjoying playing in the mud and, of course,  getting incredibly filthy with permission is always a bonus. Karen Quinn-Curl of Bristol, Florida, captured her image on a Nikon D500.

Photo by: Karen Quinn-Curl
Photo by: Madison Ayers

‘SLOW DOWN’                                                                                                         Photography is a creative outlet and an escape from the real world. Photographing my daughter helps me stop time temporarily and takes me back to that specific time in her life. Reminds me to slow down and soak in the small stuff. Madison Ayers of Dade City, Florida, shot this portrait

‘LESSER IS MORE’                                                                                                                     I took this photo of a lesser flamingo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom because I’ve always loved the majestic appearance they portray. What photography means to me is best summed up in a quote by Destin Sparks; ‘Photography is the story I fail to put into words.’ It gives me the medium to express myself and how I see the world. And it enables me to share that with others. Winter Haven’s Megan Drumheller took her photo using an Olympus camera.


Photo by: Megan Drumheller
Photo by: Katie and Brandon Boesenberg

‘HOG HEAVEN’                                                                                                                          “This is a photo of Jax, our miniature Vietnamese potbelly pig. He is around 5 years old and enjoys grazing the yard, napping and eating lots of treats. In this picture we captured one of his best angles while spending time outside with him. Jax also loves being the star of his own TikTok account, @fatjaxx. We love capturing his life and him doing what he loves to do. Katie and Brandon Boesenberg shot their photo in Fort Myers, Florida, using a Samsung 22 Active.   

‘MAGICAL FEELING’                                                                                                                    “That photo symbolizes the joy, peaceful and magical feeling it gives to
people being around equines. This mare is Celeste, and she does visits to
different facilities to spread love and joy … and Alma loves sharing her
mare and visiting people. We thank Margo Tomaszewska of Excellence
Images in Sarasota for taking this magical photo. The photographer shot her image in Venice, Florida, using a Canon R5. Tair Stav-Bergara entered it.

Photo by: Margo Tomaszewska

‘AT PEACE’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “I use photography to spread inspiration and hope. The goal is ultimately to get out of my own head for a while and provide relief to someone who might be suffering. By presenting a beautiful image, it’s my hope that I will remind them that life is beautiful, you just need to take a chance and show up for it. Sharks, like life, can seem terrifying. However, sharks are quite calm and curious. Do you choose a life of terror, or do you choose a life of calm and curious? Swimming with sharks was a perfect reminder that being at peace with the unknown is much more productive than fighting it. Heather Hoyt of Palm Coast
shot her photo at Jupiter Beach, Florida, with a GoPro Hero.

Photo by: Heather Hoyt

‘BRAP BRAP’                                                                                                                            “M y son Braxten Bernhardt doing what he loves to do the most ride his brap brap (which means four-wheeler noises) with his dad. That boy is always in the mud—it shows who he is. Arielle Townsend Bernhardt of
Lehigh Acres, Florida, entered the photo taken by professional  photographer Jess Pagliaro of Muddy Mama Photography, who used a
Nikon D3300.

Photo by: Jess Pagliaro
Photo by: Courtney Dakin

‘IAN RELIEF’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Pictured is Lydia Egolf, age 8, working the agricultural supply relief hub run by SRF rural disaster relief at Dakin Dairy from sun-up to sundown after Hurricane Ian making sure local farmers, ranchers and everyone in between had what they and their animals needed to get by. Katelyn Egolf of
Sarasota, Florida, submitted this photo taken by Courtney Dakin at Dakin Dairy, Myakka City, Florida. She used an iPhone 12.