October/November 2022 Stars & Guitars – Savannah Dexter



Written by: Scarlett Redenius


It’s the world of country rap, a fusion of country and hip-hop music—dominated by men. That is until Florida native Savannah Dexter came on the scene. Some call her Sav, some call her Savage, a sweet yet sexy siren climbing her way up the charts.
Not many female artists in her genre get this opportunity.
Her drive and talent would catapult Dexter into a viral sensation overnight around the Christmas holidays in 2021 with the release of her song “Sinner Like Me” featuring Brabo Gator.
Going from a mere 4,000 followers on Instagram to more than a quarter-million started with a promise made by a stranger—Brabo Gator—in July 2020. Gator is an artist and owner of the music label Mako Music Group, telling her to “give him 30 days” and he would change her life—a video testimonial caught on Dexter’s phone, which she holds close to her heart.
Gator would come into her life at a time Dexter was trying to find herself. Working an unfulfilling job in the medical field, finally making a choice to leave it all behind, pack her bags and start immediately in the recording studio.
The timing was right, Gator needing a female country rap artist for a song he was working on called “Low Down”—but could she rap? Well, it turned out this R&B, country pop singer not only could rap but it also came naturally for Dexter.
And her future was becoming brighter and clearer.
But Dexter’s path was not always clear growing up as a baby girl brought into this world on July 10, 1996, by teenage parents trying to figure out who they were … and where was that book on raising a child?

Her Nana and Papa played important roles in her life, however, setting structure and some sort of stability in young Dexter’s life and always providing her with everything music, since she was always performing in front of a mirror.
Later in fifth grade she would move in with her father and his new wife. This part of her life is detailed in Dexter’s earliest music, in which she expresses some of the childhood heartache she felt. Dexter would rather look at those moments as preparing for this world as she reflects on that little girl, saying, “I would tell her, 1,000 percent, the opinions of others do not matter, it’s going to be okay, everything that you’re going through is for a purpose, and one day your story will help thousands, your fans, your Savages.”
Today, 26-year-old Dexter has come a long way from the little girl who felt she was an outcast and unwanted. A long way from the teenage girl in high school who needed validation from others. She has instead grown into a woman, realizing that her truth and musical expression can forever impact someone’s life.
But it’s still her truth.
After a recent performance in Missouri, for instance, Dexter met up with her dad, stepmother and her sisters. She needed to release things and decided at this point she would rather forgive and let things go. She has realized her stepmother was very young and battling her own demons at the time and they all needed to heal and move forward.
Dexter says: “When I came back from my trip, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
“A stop on my tour ended up being a journey of healing, for all of us.”

It has only been two short years and Savannah Dexter has
released four albums— “Genesis,” “Loner,” “Savages” and
“Certified Savage.”
“Covid was a terrible thing that happened to our country,”
she says, “but it made me take a step back and recognize
music is my life, my passion, it’s in my blood.
“I’m so thankful for my fans, my Savages. I would be
nothing without them.”
The girl who was never at peace, never comfortable, barely
taking care of herself, is now seeing her name on billboards,
performing at venues all over the United States. She has
collaborated with others paving the way for other artists in
the country rap genre.
Early artists like Johnny Cash and Charlie Daniels would
speak-sing lyrics making part of this country rap genre
come alive. Other chart-topping artists like Jelly Roll,
Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, Moonshine Bandits, Bubba
Sparxxx, Nelly, Struggle Jennings, Big Smo and Bottleneck
have put this genre on the map.
It is here to stay.
Dexter draws very large crowds wherever she
performs and her fans, known as Savages, seem never
disappointed. Her merchandise lines are impressive, and
she has fans waiting for hours to get a brief one-on-one
experience. She knows her fame is growing and there
will come a day she will not be able to do so. But for

right now she waits, like they do, until the last Savage is
hugged and thanked.
She has big things going on for her and cannot wait to
share them. That one-time stranger, Brabo Gator, is now
her fiancée. The chemistry between these two has fans
screaming for more collaboration. And you better believe
they are going to get it. Dexter and Gator are in the studio
recording some of their best music to date.
And Dexter has a special message for her fans—thank you
for being so open to her and for allowing her into your
lives, she cannot say thank you enough.
Dexter cannot wait for the day to give thanks back to
Nana, Papa, mom and dad, and to owning her very own
dream home. She wants to be part of the country-rap
history, hopes to make a lot of it. She is thankful for so
much in her life and reminds herself every day there is
always something to be thankful for. She looks forward to
becoming a wife and mother.
And a huge advocate for women and abuse, a subject she
knows too well from personal experience.
Her catchy beats and lyrics keep you coming back for more.
“Sinner Like Me” is on the tracks to gold and Savannah
Dexter’s future is more than clear and bright. She is on her
way to superstardom, and she won’t stop until she achieves it.
Savannah’s faith is very important to her and she knows
she owes it all to God and the path she’s taken, is all part of
God’s plan. FCM