October/November 2022 Florida Charm – Publisher’s Letter


Written by: Scarlett Redenius

We are getting closer to a sporadic cool breeze, candy corn and pumpkins, but most of all—giving thanks.
I recently did an interview with Savannah Dexter, an up-and-coming country rap artist. And when I thought I was going to find out more about this hardcore, tough, “what mama don’t know won’t hurt” woman—I certainly did! But I also got to know a woman who is thankful for everything: God, her family, her fiancé, her team, her fans, her opportunities, even the gym, food, her clothes, just waking up today. A real feel-good kind of person—but “mess with nothing she loves or else” (page 64).
I’m thankful for all the interesting people I meet who let Florida Country magazine into their lives to share with others. Not only do we get to showcase our great state with the world, but our great people and businesses, too.
I’m thankful for people’s talents—such as Deb Herbert, an artist with a contemporary style, adding more life to an already brilliant subject (page 10). I’m also thankful for a different type of artist, one that makes us feel wonderful, a boost of confidence for whatever it might be: Steel Magnolia’s Salon makes me feel like a million

bucks, and all of the staff members love making people feel beautiful (page 18).
What about Ken Craft? He’s a man who for many years provided therapeutic experiences to those with special needs. And he’s a man who has dedicated his life to the gentle giant—the Clydesdale horse. It’s a horse breed that often has a very public life. Yet how do they behave so well? You’ll learn more on page 14!
From businesses serving their communities for 100 years, to the Norman Zeiglers of the world who are doing amazing things for anglers, we all have much to be thankful for. It doesn’t have to be big or grandiose—just be thankful.
It doesn’t matter if it’s being thankful for the fair rolling into town, such as the Pensacola Interstate Fair has since the 1930s (page 48), or being thankful for our terrific state giving us so many wonderful places to explore—just be thankful.
And one more thing: a huge, heartfelt thank-you to all of my advertisers, writers, staff members, fabulous readers—and as Savannah Dexter said, just for waking up! Amen!
Have a safe Halloween and a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Florida Country magazine.