October/November 2022 My Best Friend

Florida Country Magazine runs a “My Best Friend” contest on
Facebook every other month, for each issue of the magazine.


(1) Kristina Rodriguez of Palm Coast, Florida
Best Friend’s Name: Leo
Best Friend’s Breed: Maine Coon
This is our gentle giant Leo. He decided to help me decorate for fall this year. We were fostering his mom when he was born not breathing. Growing up on a farm gave me the skills needed to resuscitate him. After that bonding experience we just had to keep him. Little did we know that baby kitten would turn out to be a big ball of fluffy love!

(2) Shayna Roberts of Myakka City, Florida
Best Friend’s Name: Clover
Best Friend’s Breed: Red Brahman
Mason and Clover became best friends after Clover caught pneumonia and almost died. Mason spent long days and nights next to her making sure she was going to be okay …. moral of the story, he did a great job. She is much better and will be his best showmanship heifer he ever had in 4-H!

(3) Sarah Rose White of Auburndale, Florida
Best Friend’s Name: Conway
Best Friend’s Breed: Lab mix
Conway is more than just my best friend—he shares memories of good and bad times together and never fails to put a smile on my face in the darkest of days. Just an all-around good boy, a clown with four paws. I adopted him almost 7 years ago from a very dear friend of mine who passed this May of cancer. He’s by far the greatest gift she’s ever given me … aside from her many years of friendship to me.

(4) Valerie Luise of Orange City, Florida
Best Friend’s Name: Ruby and Kyanne
Best Friend’s Breed: Doberman Pinscher
These are my two best friends Ruby and Kyanne. They are the epitome of unconditional love. Staying by my side throughout some big changes in

my life, even weathering a couple
of crazy hurricanes alone together.
They are the reasons my heart beats.

(5) Holly Day Smith Buckingham, Florida
Best Friend’s Name: Blaze
Best Friend’s Breed: Quarter Horse
Blaze was purchased for my son by
my father to work cows. He did
an amazing job. My son retired
him. However, he’s still very much
rideable. Kids ride him as I do when
able. When my father was going
through cancer, he took up so much
time with him and our cows to
comfort him with his battle with
cancer. The cancer won for my father.
However, Blaze is still here, and my
father said Blaze was his therapy to go
feed. And to go spend time with. That
horse carried my father’s